Best Sonic Skin Scrubber vs Sonic Brushes | What is sonic exfoliation?

Sonic Skin Scrubber vs Sonic Brushes What is sonic exfoliation?

by Jessica Roberts

NEW PRODUCT: ‘Jessa Sonic Skin Scrubber’ $98

There is a lot of buzz surrounding at home Sonic exfoliation products in the last couple of years. They have been used in professional settings such as doctors offices and spas for many years now at costly prices! They are a gentle alternative or addition to microdermabrasion and at home facial scrubs. Improving: Acne, Blackheads, Wrinkles, Aging, Pigment, Glow, Product Penetration & Health of Skin.

Sonic Brush like the ‘Clarisonic Brush’

The most popular sonic product on the market is the ‘clarisonic brush’. Price:($150-$200). The brush vibrates on a rechargeable base, by wetting the brush with your choice of cleanser to exfoliate and sonic clean your pores.

PROS: removes stuck on makeup, loosens blackheads, loosens dead skin cells, deeper clean than a scrub.

CONS: over dries skin, irritates sensitive-normal skin if used more than once a week, expensive, brushes must be replaced when worn out (pricey $50), the brush stays wet in between treatments which will grow bacteria and mold. (The clarisonic forums advise customers to do a bleach mixture soak to clean the brushes. YIKES: bleach = very toxic it is on the breast cancer no no list. Scrubbing bleach remnants, mold and bacteria into the skin is a bad idea)

Sonic Scrubber Blade like the ‘Jessa Sonic’

A more recent product to go main stream popular brands: Ezzi-Peel, Bliss Pore-Fector. Price:($200-$300). Vibrating at 28,000 times per second kind of like a sonic toothbrush. The tip of the tool is a stainless steel blade. The scrubber has two functions: 1-Exfoliation 2-Product Penetration

PROS: two separate and equally valuable functions, easy to clean, daily use increases results without side effects or irritation, no expensive parts to replace, extracts more blackheads, improves collagen/elastin/skin firmness, massages/vaporizes product for deep penetration.

CONS: takes a few tries to get the hang of it, if used incorrectly it may appear to not be working, takes a little longer to perform two functions, if you choose the rechargeable battery option you may encounter these issues: stops charging or does not vibrate with as much power within months of use or if it is low on charge.

The Best Option: Get the ‘Sonic Scrubber Blade’ if you can find an off market brand with no rechargeable battery. That you can plug into the wall during use it will assure that it always has full power and battery will not stop working. Price: $150 or less.

How To Use A Skin Scrubber Blade:

Step 1: Exfoliate – spray on organic toner or serum while skin is moist apply tip at 45 degree angle, in a downward motion move slowly all over face, you will see blackheads and skin cells blast off of face as well as collect on tip of device.  Tip: lift the skin in blackhead areas with thumb and index finger ‘pinching’ the section to put more pressure under the blackheads.

Step 2: Penetration/Muscle Toning: apply thin layer of serum or moisturizer flip the tip over hold flat on skin, move in an upward motion all over face it will vaporize your moisturizer creating tiny molecules easy for the skin to absorb. This action will heat and massage the skin stimulating more collagen and elastin growth, shown in independent studies.

Ezzi-Peel Example Videos:




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