Natural Spray Tanning or Airbrush Tan Salon ‘with organic ingredients’

 spray on tan

Natural spray tanning / airbrush tans are ‘IN’ no more sun damage just a perfect sun-kissed glow.

We are very excited it introduce our cutting edge spray tanning services in the San Francisco Bay Area at affordable prices.  Full Body spray tanning is a wildly popular alternative to tanning booths or sun exposure.  Studies show that 10 exposures to a tanning booth in one LIFETIME increase your skin cancer risks by 50-75%! 

Not all spray tans are created equal Jessa Bronze is Non-Toxic ‘made with organic ingredients’ that means (We Say NO TO: alcohol, fragrance, perfum, parabens & more). Our formula is properly balanced with active ingredients: DHA + Erythrulose they create your color a bronzed glow, when the balance is off you turn orange yuck!  You can count on us for long lasting beautiful sun-kissed color.

Also you should always have your tan hand sprayed on, a booth just does not do you justice.  Our technicians can cover tan lines and highlight your body in an appealing way.  We also make sure that every nook and cranny is covered.


Finally, after care is your friend if you want your tan to fade evenly and last as long a possible you have to nurture it: moisturize, scrub and re-apply in 5-10 days.  We have the Jessa Bronze Spray Tan in a Can that you can take home for touch ups or a full body at home treatment $29 retail.

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