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Jessa Skin Tips on What Causes Acne:


Do you need Acne Help? Start with what causes acne see our natural acne remedies & tips here.  Our Esthetician’s have 10yrs of knowledge in the cause of acne, acne treatment and acne scar reduction.  See the importance of natural acne treatment. Our acne tips will give you a chance to get your skin acne free.

  1. Toxic Products: any product containing fragrance, perfum, alcohol, parabens and much more must be avoided with acne. Allowing toxic ingredients into your household cleaning products and skincare products are sure to cause a breakout. A toxic body does not mix with people who are prone to acne they detox through their skin which causes breakouts.

  2. Hormone Overload: make sure your body is not on a hormone overload too many hormones create acne.  Things that can release lots of hormones that can cause acne: lack of sleep, stress, teen years, menstral cycle, birth control and what you eat.

  3. Diet: Meat, soy, flaxseed, dairy & eating from plastic containers or bottles all load up your body with hormones that is bad for acne.  Also eating highly processed food or food that aggravates your body or digestive system to can cause mild to severe inflammation which will cause acne foods like: coffee, sugar, wheat, soy, dairy, nuts & shell fish are common offenders.   Take your vitamins make sure you are not deficient in anything.  DRINK WATER without water your body becomes toxic.

  4. Hormone Balance: every seven to ten years (or if you have a baby) your body’s hormone balance will change.  Sometimes this can create more or less acne just be prepared! Work with an Esthetician to help you manage the changes in your skin.

  5. Extractions: Book regular extractions from an Esthetician or Doctor while you are neutralizing your acne or if you have a bad breakout.  Never extract your acne at home unless you have professional training.  You will cause scarring and damage to your pores causing more acne.  When your acne is under control you can get extractions less often.

  6. Professional Exfoliation: Regular peels and microdermabrasion can greatly improve pitted scarring and active breakouts.  At home you cannot get the same percentages or depths of peel that a professional can for you. If you can’t afford treatments, get a free consult from an Esthetician and medical strength home care always try to budget in extractions with exfoliation four times a year.

  7. Home Care: Wash twice a day, missing washing your skin once in a day can cause a breakout.  Use exfoliation if you have acne your body needs help killing bacteria and turning its skin cells over.  You will need to moisturize with exfoliants and bacteria killing products.

  8. Sunscreen: It is a common belief that the sun dries up acne and helps clear up the skin.  This belief is false the sun puts radiation into the skin causing more cells to mutate, more redness and long healing times.  The sun aggravates acne causing breakouts make sure to choose a good zinc / titanium based sunscreen or apply a thick even layer of mineral makeup everyday to avoid the suns damaging rays.

  9. Sweat: if you do sports, excercise or just get hot and sweaty watch out! This creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow encouraging a breakout.  You need to wash or tone your face right after your workout if you do a long workout and leave sweat on the face for 30min-1hour you may have some unwelcome visitors on your face.

  10. Pillow Case: change your pillow case daily, sleeping on sweat and oil from the night before is the perfect environment to clog up your skin.  Tip: Flip your pillow over to get two nights out of one pillow case, if you have acne stock up on pillow cases you will need three a week.



  1. Whichever way you decide on to reduce acne fast, it is critical that you simply first make your skin clean either by washing it or by using a mild cleanser before applying any approach.You wake up a day before an important event and you find just one red fat pimple on your forehead. You know make up will not be able to cover or hide that type of infection and so it’s staying there for all to see.

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