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There are less than two week left in March which means limited time to take advantage of Jessa Skin’s Brazilian Waxing and Sugaring special! This is the perfect time to try out a new hair removal service and see for yourself why Jessa Skin was voted for the best bikini wax in the Bay area.

Good through March 30, 2012

With any Brazilian Waxing or Sugaring, receive

$10 OFF

one hair removal area on the face (eyebrows, lip, chin, cheek)

*both services must be performed at the same time

Whether you are getting ready for a vacation or simply want the convenience of clean, even, lasting hair removal from your bikini area, our Brazilian Wax and Sugaring services offer many advantages over shaving unwanted hair.  Not only does shaving leave irritating bumps and painful razor nicks, it is also time-consuming in your daily routine. Plus, there is nothing more annoying than realizing after shaving that you have missed an area that you couldn’t see on your own.  Waxing and sugaring makes the chore of getting rid of unwanted bikini area hair so much easier.

If you’ve thought about Brazilian waxing or sugaring, but have been skeptical to try it, here are a few things to know about Jessa Skin’s unique process that will help ease your mind:

Less Irritation

It pained us to see the industry norm using strip wax on the sensitive bikini area.  Women were experiencing harsh treatments with unnecessary discomfort.  Also, the prep and finishing products used were very aggravating to the skin. This inspired Jessa Skin to develop our own, cutting-edge formula and process so the skin reacts less painfully to the hair removal process.  Additionally, we do not use powder to prep the skin because powder makes dry skin even drier.

All Natural Choices

[caption id="attachment_974" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Sugaring at Jessa Skin"][/caption]

Jessa Skin offers both waxing and sugaring services for hair removal.  Sugaring is an all-natural hair removal remedy that is applied either as a gel or a paste.  For women with especially sensitive skin, sugaring is preferred over waxing because you only remove the hair in the natural direction of the hair growth. Through the sugaring application technique, the sugar paste seeps into the hair follicle. This helps lubricate the hair root allowing the root to remove completely without breaking and with less pain.  Click here to learn more about the differences between waxing and sugaring.

Experience Makes All the Difference

Our talented team of estheticians have many years of experience in Brazilian Waxing and sugaring techniques. We continually study the most updated natural, organic techniques and processes to provide the best products and services to the Bay area. We understand that Brazilian waxing and sugaring can seem intimidating to some so, we are happy to answer any questions and make you as comfortable as we possibly can. We believe in educating and preparing our clients for hair removal service.  Please take time to read our recommendations for ensuring a better prep and post waxing experience.

March at Jessa Skin is the ideal time to take care of your hair removal needs from top to bottom so, grab the deal while you still can!  Call today or click here to book your Brazilian waxing or sugaring and facial waxing appointment.



  1. June Lee says:

    Thanks for the sharing. I prefer painless bikini hair removal, such as laser method.

  2. ann balliet says:

    Please call me for an appointment on Saturday if possible.

    Many thanks,

    Ann Balliet
    (415) 902-9075

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