Earth Day! Earth-Friendly Skincare at Jessa Skin

How do you determine what is the best skincare in Marin County, CA? Some women may say organic ingredients, fast results or affordability.  At Jessa Skin, we say all of the above!  We also take it a very important step farther by saying our products are truly Earth-friendly.

With Earth Day today, April 22nd, it is a great time to try out the Jessa Skin skincare difference.


What is truly Earth-friendly?

When you choose a skincare product, is important to be mindful that what you are putting on your face will also wash down the drain into our waterways. The ingredients in our Jessa Skin products are biodegradable and clean.  They contain no harmful ingredients to the user or the environment.

We encourage our clients to recycle their Jessa Skin product bottles and containers when they are empty.  The majority of our products are in glass containers which are easily recycled along with other items in the home.  In the near future, our clients can expect to find our entire line in glass bottles or containers.

All “Natural” Products Are Not Created Equal

For years, the only natural and organic skincare products available to women were extremely expensive.  If those products were out of your budget then you were out of luck.  Today, you can walk into a drug store and find big brands advertising “natural” or even “green” on their skincare labels.  Those words are becoming marketing catchphrases with little regard to what they truly mean.  Unsuspecting or hurried shoppers may throw them in their carts thinking they are choosing a healthy product.  But, what are you really getting? To find out, turn the bottle over and read the actual ingredients!  You may be surprised to see that mixed in with the few natural ingredients are also a series of chemicals and fillers. If you aren’t sure what is a good ingredient or not, bring your skin care products into Jessa Skin and talk to our estheticians.  We’d be more than happy to decipher the labels for you.

What’s Inside (and What’s Not) The Jessa Skin Line

At Jessa Skin, you can be assured when you buy our products you are getting the best natural and organic skincare line using only the most pure, green and biodegradable ingredients.  We spent over six years developing our own skincare line because we were so disappointed with what was on the market.  Our skincare line is the best natural product available that is also medically proven to drastically change your skin.  It is also affordable; costing half the amount of popular department store products.

When building our product line, we took great care in choosing each and every ingredient.  We studied findings by hundreds of scientists who did multiple factual studies on the toxic levels of ingredients in beauty products.  Originally created for breast cancer awareness, Skin Deep is a fantastic website and database that ranks the level of harmful ingredients in beauty products.  We highly recommend this site to check the personal products you use for yourself and family. All of the ingredients in Jessa Skin products, have a rating of 3 or less on the toxicity scale.

Our skilled staff is committed to being updated on the latest developments in truly clean, natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. For this reason, we often adjust our products and techniques for what is best for people and the environment.

We welcome you to come into Jessa Skin to learn more about which of our skincare products are best for your skin type.  At this time, our products can only be purchased at our Marin County spa, but we are looking forward to launching our online store this year. Call us today at 415-342-3413  or click here to book an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you!

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