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The sun is always shining at Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA!  Why? Read on…

There is nothing like a healthy, tan glow to kick off your vacation or Spring season. We all know about the damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays  and sun tanning booths?  With studies showing that using a tanning booth even just 10 times in the course of a lifetime will increase skin cancer risks by 50-75% ….well, no thanks!!

So, what’s a girl or guy to do for a natural, healthy alternative to sun-kissed color?  Jessa Skin has you covered (literally) with our Natural Spray Tanning/Airbrush Tans.   To make it even sweeter, our April special makes it the perfect time to get a healthy glow at a fantastic price!

For the entire month of April, enjoy a 10 minute, full body Natural Spray Tan for only $29 per session (that’s a savings of $13 each time!).  Come in as many times as you want in April and only pay $29 each time.

If you are new to spray tanning or you’ve have tried it before someplace else, it’s important that you know that not all spray tans are created equal.  Like every other service you’ve come to expect from Jessa Skin, our natural spray tans are non-toxic and ‘made with organic ingredients’. Quite simply, a Jessa Skin spray tan has no perfume, no fragrance, no alcohol, no parabens.

Our formula is properly balanced with active ingredients DHA + Erythrulose which create a bronze glow.  Bronze – healthy, vibrant, natural bronze – not that funky orange that you see with other spray tans!  The key to that fabulous  natural tan color is all in the balance of ingredients which is what makes our spray tans so fantastic. Our spray tans do not stain the skin with dye. It works with your own natural skin pigment (melanin) to give you a natural shade to your skin tone. You can expect each spray tan to last approximately 7-10 days.

The other difference you will experience at Jessa Skin is that our Natural Spray Tans are sprayed on by hand.  Our technicians cover tan lines, evenly distribute the spray so no parts are missed and highlight your body in an appealing way.  There is no way that a booth can achieve that!

Call today 415-342-3413 or click here  to book your Natural Spray Tan appointment.  Here are a few important things you should know before you come in that will help maximize your spray tan:

  1. Exfoliate your skin to clear away the dead skin cells
  2. Clean your skin so it is free from oils, moisturizer, make up, deodorant, perfume and soap. These things can create an invisible barrier that will prevent you from tanning.
  3. Wax or shave your legs before tanning (make sure to wash after waxing to remove any left over wax).

Take advantage of our special Natural Tanning offer throughout the  month of April!  We can’t wait to see your gorgeous, bronze, healthy, sun-kissed glow!


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  2. kelly says:

    Can the tanning special still be available in May??? Pretty please :)

  3. Hi Aya, 10 tanning bed treatments in a lifetime give you 75% increased chance of getting skin cancer. they are illegal in some countries. we use an all natural non-chemical formula Jessa Bronze so you are safe with us! See our spray tanning product online soon. Also it is best to get a little bit of natural sunlight rather than a tanning booth.

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