Fully Ozonated Creams | New to Jessa Skincare!

Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA will be rolling out several new and amazing skin care products on July 1, 2012.  We are so thrilled about all of our new products, but probably one of the most exciting is our new Fully Ozonated Oxygen line!  Our clients who have been benefiting from and enjoying our Oxygen Infusion Treatments will absolutely love these new products. If ozonated oxygen is all new to you, please read on….your skin will thank you!

Although ozonated oxygen facials and therapies have been extremely popular in Europe for many years, the therapy and science has been around since the 1800s.  Early on, medical professionals realized the benefits of oxygen treatments for patients who suffered with many ailments including scarring, wounds, ring worm, athlete’s foot, body fungus and more.

As development and research progressed, ozonated oxygen became known for being highly effective for anti-aging, detoxification and improved skin tone.  Studies show that ozone helps to prevent bacteria and detoxifies the lactic acid in the skin by releasing oxygen. Oxygen helps to deliver active ingredients into the skin while reducing fungus and bacteria. The primary benefit of ozonated oxygen is that it hydrates the skin giving a smoother, well-hydrated, moisturized and wrinkle-free appearance.  Many people also notice that these benefits lead to easier makeup application since it gives a smoother surface to work with.

While we have offered Oxygen Infused Facials at Jessa Skin for a while, our two ozonated oxygen products are brand new.  Jessa Skin founder, Jessica Roberts, has spent years researching the best methods and ingredients for her new ozonated oxygen line. We are thrilled to offer these four new products:

Oxyzone C Ester-Q10 Age Lighten Cream – Active Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Pure Ozone, 5% Vitamin C Ester, E, CoQ10. Lessen fine lines, wrinkles, pigment, and dark spots.  Helps to brighten and firm the skin with 5% Vitamin C Ester and CoQ10.

Oxyzone Silver-Q10 Pimple Clear Cream – Active Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Pure Ozone, Zeolite, Vitamin E, Silver Collide Gel, CoQ10. Helps to reduce pimples, bacteria and oil.  It will also lessen wrinkles, dark spots and redness.

100% Fully Ozonated Oxygen Olive Oil - Used for both the face and body, this product helps reduce bacteria, fungus, dark spots, wrinkles, aging and more.  Pure oxygen is blown through Extra Virgin Olive Oil for two weeks which produces ozonated oil.  This is the cleanest form of oxygen delivery available. Our unique formula is fully ozonated but still in liquid form – no other ozone product on the market has achieved this!

100% Fully Ozonated Oxygen Jojoba Cream – Also useful for both the face and body, this cream helps to reduce bacteria, fungus, dark spots, wrinkles, aging and stretch marks. Instead of olive oil, this product contains oxygen that has been blown through pure golden jojoba oil for two weeks. Only a pea size portion is needed at one time and can be applied to the face, neck, eyes or body.

It is recommended that ozonated oxygen products be stored in a cool cabinet or refrigerated to extend shelf life.  Moderate to Medium heat will melt the products to a liquid state put in the fridge or dark cabinet to restore the cream like consistency.

These products will be available at our spa beginning July 1, 2012.  They can also be purchased online beginning July 15, 2012 through our associate Bits of Lace in Charleston, SC by going to http://www.bitsoflace.com

We invite you to stop in to the spa or call us at 415-342-3413 for more information on the many benefits of ozonated oxygen.

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