Jessa Skin’s Family Friendly Skincare Products

Looking for family-friendly, affordable organic, all-natural skincare products? The best natural skincare products that the whole family can use are easy to find at Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA. With over 15 new products that are gentle and safe for people ages 1-100*, we have your family covered from head to toe!

In addition to the great benefits of the Jessa Skin products themselves, using a family-friendly skincare line is time-saving, earth-friendly and affordable.  There is no need to hop from store to store buying various products for each individual member.  Sharing products also makes our planet a little greener by creating fewer bottles to recycle which otherwise may end up in land fills.

Developing products that are truly family-friendly was extremely personal and important to Jessa Skin founder and mother of three, Jessica Roberts. In 2005, Jessica began her own skincare line because she was dissatisfied with the products that were currently on the market.  Her goal for excellence has only increased over the years as she continues to educate herself on new ingredients, processes and techniques. The entire Jessa Skin skincare line only uses the most pure, green and biodegradable ingredients.  Jessica works with the SKIN DEEP database, which is associated with the Breast Cancer Society, to keep close tabs on new studies and seeks formula advice for every single ingredient chosen for our products.

Family-friendly products are denoted on our product guide by two baby feet as pictured to the left.  From cleansers to hair care, the Jessa Skin line covers all skincare needs for adults, teens, kids and babies (over age 1 year).  Here is our list of new family-friendly products that we are sure you will love, too!


Our Favorite “Cure All’s”

One of our favorite new products that every parent will love for their family is our Manuka Honey UMF 16+ Mask.  Manuka honey has as much antibacterial elements as manuka oil. It contains super powered bacterial & fungal reducers. Since manuka honey is edible, it can also be added to teas or eaten directly to help with sore throats and infections. The list is practically endless for the types of ailments that can be alleviated or treated with manuka honey and oil. From insect bites and cuts, scratches and abrasions to skin irritation and pimple treatment, manuka honey and oil is a natural cure-all.

Another “miracle” product that has multiple uses is our 100% Olive Squalene Oil.  You can use this oil from head to toe for all of your moisture needs.  Squalene effectively heals skin, decreases dryness, reduces skin cancer risks and smoothes wrinkles.

Facial Cleansers

These cleansers are ideal for sensitive skin and are extremely gentle therefore, are safe for the entire family.  Our Aloe-Pure Foamy Cleanser can also be used on the face, body and hair making it ideal for babies (over age 1 year), toddlers and young children.

  • Honey Tea & C Creamy Cleanser
  • Sea-Rose Gentle Foamy Cleanser
  • Aloe-Pure Foamy Cleanser


Masks & Body Scrubs

Extremely gentle and nonabrasive, these masks and body scrubs exfoliate dead skin while hydrating the skin.  We highly recommend this adults for anti-aging and pre-teen and teenaged children who may be struggling with pimples.

  • 100% Pumice Scrub
  • Maple Cookie Body Scrub
  • Cucumber Aloe & Cranberry Mas


Body Butters & Lotions

Our body butters are ultra-thick and provide the perfect moisture for dry and cracking areas. Our lotions are lighter but just as effective.

  • Aloe-Shea Hydration Body Butter
  • Rosewater Velvet Hand & Body Butter
  • Fresh Cucumber Body Lotion
  • Lavender-licious Body Lotion


Hair Care

Perfectly safe and gentle for the entire family, our hair care products leave the hair feeling clean and light. Our Lavendar-licious Shampoo and Body Wash is perfect for babies and would make a great shower gift!

  • Lavendar-licious Shampoo & Body Wash
  • Lavendar-licious Hair Conditioner
  • Silk Shine Leave-In Detangling Spray

For more information on JessaSkin products that are just right for your family, please contact our spa at 415-342-3413.


*All JessaSkin Family-Friendly products are meant for babies over age 1 year.  Always consult your physician before using products on children.  Although these products are family-friendly, we recommend keeping them out of the reach of children.

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