Jessa Skin ProRX Professional Skincare Line

Need strong, professional, medical grade, organic and all-natural skincare solutions? Recently voted “Best Day Spa” in San Rafael, California, Jessa Skin has the answer with our new line of ProRX professional skincare products with high percentages of active ingredients.

When Jessa Skin rolled out our extensive line of new products earlier this Summer, we were thrilled to offer our ProRX line.  A medically proven, professional line of products, our ProRX line offers cleansers, scrubs, toners, serums, peels, creams and lotions.  Most natural and organic lines on the market are missing medical grade ingredients, however our ProRX line is very strong and contains high percentages of the most well-documented medically effective form of ingredients.  Some examples of these ingredients include fruit acids and peptides.

You may notice a lot of products on the market, whether from all-natural lines or  drugstore brands, mentioning that they contain Vitamin C or peptides (two ingredients well-known for helping with anti-aging).  Before putting anything in your cart, take the time to read the label to see what percentage of that ingredient has been used.  If they only have 1-2% of that active ingredient then save yourself the money and the frustration because at that low percentage, the product won’t work…or, it will take a long, long, long time to see results.

You want to look for products with at least 10% of fruit acid ingredients to get the results that you need.  Most products in the Jessa Skin’s ProRX line have on average 15% or more of the active ingredients (such as our 17% Six Peptide Serum or 25% Vita-C L-Ascorbic Treatment) with others having even higher amounts such as our 50% Fruit Acid Professional Peel. Not only will you find these high percentages, but you can be assured that the actual ingredients have been sourced from clean, all-natural and organic resources.

If you are really struggling with skin concerns such as acne, anti-aging and pigment dark spots, it  may be tempting to grab the highest grade product you can find in a rush to get fast results.  While these products are highly effective, they come with a word of caution.  Our ProRX products (clearly marked by the bolded ProRX label) are stronger, contain high percentages of active ingredients and require a prescription from an esthetician.  We highly recommend that you follow your esthetician’s directions very carefully when using these products and keep them away from children.

As with any skincare product, it is a great idea to do your homework and understand exactly what is (or isn’t) in the product before you put it on your face.  Also, what may work for your sister or best friend, may not work for you.  It is important to have a consultation with a trained esthetician to see what combination of products are most beneficial for your overall skin tconcerns and type.  The team at Jessa Skin has had extensive training and can recommend a treatment plan that is just right for you.







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