Jessa Skin’s Amazing Body Scrubs & Soaks

Body scrubs and soaks made from organic ingredients are just as important as facial products at top day spa Jessa Skin in San Rafael, California.  More than just a body cleanser, body scrubs and soaks provide the exfoliation needed for healthy, glowing skin on your entire body.  Using a natural body scrub can help you achieve smooth skin, as well as, provide healing and hydration for dry skin, anti-aging and oily skin.

While a soap may cleanse the skin, a scrub is needed to remove dead skin cells and excess oil. Using a natural scrub will unclog pores and help with cell turnover. Since Jessa Skin natural scrubs and soaks are made from organic ingredients, there are no harsh side effects.  In fact, the ingredients found in our scrubs such as aloe, grapeseed oil and natural sugar can help hydrate the skin.  Use the scrubs at least once a week and/or after hair removal and waxing to see immediate results.

It is easiest and best to use Jessa Skin body scrubs while in the shower or bath. Use a scoop of the scrub for each area of the body, add a small amount of water and massage for 2 minutes then rinse thoroughly.  Finish your skin’s body treatment with a body moisturizer.

Jessa Skin offers two body scrubs and a body soak that are perfect for all skin types:

Walnut Shell Foamy Body Scrub - Perfect for oily, lighten, anti-aging and dry skin, this scrub is made with active ingredients Walnut Shell, Aloe, Lavender, Chamomile, Vitamin B, E and Rosehip.  Use on your entire body as a foamy body polish however, it should be avoided if you have pimples or sensitive skin. This product is scent-free with a super foamy feel.  Available in 1/4 for $6, 1 oz for $11 and 4 oz for $26.

Maple Cookie Body Scrub - Ideal for the whole family (children over age 1 yr), this scrub is perfect for all skin types.  Active ingredients include Grapeseed Oil and Maple Sugar which has been found to be an alkaline sugar full of trace minerals. This scrub is the perfect sweet treat with a rich maple cookie smell. Available in 1/4 for $6, 1 oz for $11 and 4 oz for $20.

Dead Sea Salt Soak - Recommended for all skin types, this soak is made with 100% Dead Sea Salt.  Use in the bath to detoxify, relax or re-mineralize the body. Simply add 2-3 tablespoons to lukewarm bath water, allow the salt to dissolve then soak for 15-25 minutes. Rinse the body with fresh water then dry the skin well.  The Dead Sea Salt Soak can also be used with cold water as a compress after shaving or waxing to reduce ingrown hair. When using as a compress, add 1 tablespoon to a clean skin full of cold water, mix until salt dissolves.  Soak up some of the water with a clean towel, apply for 5-15 minutes to waxed, sugared or shaved areas, rinse with fresh cold water and pat the skin dry. Available in 1/4 for $4, 1 oz for $8 and 4oz for $20.

As with any of our products and services, consult one of our expert estheticians for what is product is best for your skin.  We are always happy to help!





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