Holiday Beauty Tips

Holiday parties and social events coming up? Jessa Skin’s holiday beauty tips help your skin sparkle and glow during all the Christmas and New Years festivities!

Drink Extra Water – ‘Tis the season for indulging in decadent cocktails and rich, salty food.  While holiday fare is one of the best parts of the season, the “day after” can leave you with a bloated and puffy face. To combat these side effects, drink extra water to stay hydrated and refreshed.  Another great remedy is herbal tea such as soothing peppermint.

Boost Your Facial Treatments – The holidays are the most social time of the year and you want your  face to look its absolute best.  The added stress and celebratory indulgences can also create havoc on our face in the form of pimple breakouts and dull looking skin. More than ever, this season is the time to keep up with your facial treatments.  Jessa Skin’s Ultimate Facial is perfect for speeding up your cellular renewal and making your skin look smooth, moist, healthy and more radiant.  For immediate results, add-on our Vitamin C Boost or Oxygen Infusion Treatments to your facial service.

Moisturize –  With the colder weather comes dry and chafed skin. Not only is this irritating, but can be visible when wearing cocktail dresses.  Keep your body well moisturized by applying a  high quality body butter twice a day.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting – One of our most popular services, tinting is ideal during the holidays when you are running from one event to another and don’t have time to refresh your makeup.  Our eyelash tinting takes only 10-15 minutes and will give you the perfect “fresh mascara” look throughout the entire holiday season.  Beautiful and efficient!

Waxing and Sugaring –  Nothing creates a fresh and well manicured look to your face like a sculpted and shaped eyebrow.  The effects can be amazing to your eyes and overall facial structure.  At Jessa Skin, we specialize in waxing and sugaring not only for eyebrows, but the entire body including our award-winning Brazilian waxing services.  We advise that you wait 24-48 hours after your waxing appointment before wearing tight-fitting clothes and boots so, schedule your appointment a few days in advance of your holiday party.

To book an appointment at Jessa Skin Day Spa, call us at 415-342-3413 or make your appointment online.  We look forward to seeing your beautiful, healthy and glowing face!



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