Get Healthy in the New Year with an Ion Foot Detox

You won’t be surprised that the #1 resolution is to get healthy in the new year. What may surprise you is one of the best ways to get healthy is with a Jessa Skin Ion Foot Detox.  Yes, you read the right!  An ion foot detox is fabulous for helping expel toxins from the body.  With a great January special on footbath treatments, this month is the perfect time to try it out for yourself.

It is common over the holidays to partake in food and drinks that may not be part of your normal healthy routine.  If you overindulged this season or simply aren’t feeling “like yourself,” you may want to consider an Ion Foot Detox.

What is an Ion Foot Detox?

The Ion Cleanse process is an amazing method for detoxifying your body by bathing your feet in a warm water bath while using positive and negative ions from an ion generator.  We are constantly exposed to toxins such as magnetic radiation, improper diets, stress, overworking, fast-paced life and psychological strain. This causes our cells to lose oxygen and permeability of the cell walls.  This makes it harder for our body to expel waste causing cancer, lower immune system, disease, inflammation and overburdened or exhausted organs.

Traditional detox methods rely on external or dietary forced toxin elimination. Ion Cell Cleansing was created by scientists using theories of physics, biology, electro-chemistry, toxicology and the penetration theory of dialysis.  Healthy  individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of well-being from each session.  Some people with pain, edema, swollen and deteriorating joints have reported symptomatic relief from these sessions.  The Ion Cleanse foot soak not only helps to detoxify, but can energetically boost and balance your body.

The Benefits of an Ion Foot Bath

  • Helps to expel toxins from the body
  • Relieves the burden of the body and organs having to expel the toxins
  • Helps to increase oxygen and nutrients in red blood cells
  • Promotes metabolism, fat reduction and blood circulation
  • Increases the energy of all red blood cells
  • Can be used with other treatments as a secondary treatment
During the month of January, Ionic Footbath Treatments are only $20 for 20 minutes.  This offer is good all month, but appointments must be booked in January.
For more information on Jessa Skin’s Ion Foot Detox treatments and services, please visit our website or call us at 415-342-3413

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