Marin’s Best Organic Facials at Jessa Skin

For over 5 years, our clients have told us they have found Marin’s best organic facials at Jessa Skin .  We’ve been awarded with this honor in Pacific Sun’s Best of Marin 2012 award issues, San Francisco’s Bay List Winners 2011 and even by our hometown, City of Marin’s “Best of ” 2012 awards.  We take these awards to heart because it tells us that we have very happy and satisfied clients which is our #1 goal in everything we do at our spa!

If you’ve never been to our day spa then you might be wondering exactly why our organic facials are so different from other spas. Here are three reasons why:


Natural & Organic Ingredients

Our founder, Jessica Roberts, worked with some of the world’s best chemists and formulators to develop the best natural and organic products that provide the greatest results for our clients while not harming the environment. In all of the services we provide at our spa, we only use the Jessa Skin product line. Our product line is free from harmful chemicals, toxins, parabens, harsh foaming agents, non-biodegradable formulas, harmful alcohols, fragrance, irritants, petroleum and other harmful ingredients. We continually educate ourselves through working closely with the SkinDeep database, which is associated with the Breast Cancer Society, to keep close tabs on new studies and seek formula advice for every single ingredient we use in our products.

Customized Facial Masks for YOUR Skin

When it comes to facials, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We have nine different facials options depending on your needs.  We also custom blend all our facial masks each time you have a facial to ensure you are getting the best facial for your skin. We offer several powerful professional treatments, such as microdermabrasion and fruit acid peels,  that can be added on to any one of our facials.  Not only are these customized for you, but they are affordably priced.  Many spas don’t offer these treatments as add-on’s, but rather make you receive a whole new facial to get the benefits of those treatments.   Additionally, all of our clients enjoy the extensive head, neck, face and hand massage that is included in our facials.

Experienced Staff

All of our estheticians  have many years of experience in skincare and are committed to organic healthy living.  They are continually researching and educating themselves on skincare and happily share their knowledge with their clients.  Our estheticians are available for consultations before your facial to discuss whatever skin concerns you may be having and offer expert  recommendations for the course of action to improve your skin.

To see our complete menu of facial services or to make an appointment, please visit our website.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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