How To Get Rid of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The #1 question women ask when they come into Jessa Skin is “How do I get rid of fine lines and wrinkles?”  One of the best ways is with a professional fruit acid peel. Not only does a fruit acid peel remove dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin, but it also helps with dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.  Fruit acid peels also give the skin a thorough cleansing which is very effective on adult pimples and acne.

A fruit acid peel is not to be confused with a chemical peel practiced in dermatologists’ offices.  If the idea of a chemical peel scares you, well…it should!  The harsh, abrasive chemicals used actually burn off the top layer of skin and can be very painful.  Additionally, there are risks of becoming very sensitive to sunlight and permanently changing the pigment of your skin (basically bleaching you).

Fruit acids are naturally occurring substances found in a variety of places such as apples, mushrooms, milk and sugar cane. These acids, also called glycolic acids, not only remove that top layer, but also stimulate the skin to produce natural collagen which fills in fine lines and wrinkles.  The benefits of fruit acid peels include even skin tone, diminished acne scars as well as softer, smoother, firmer and healthier skin.

Fruit acid peels are most effective when performed in a series on a regular basis.  They vary in strength (from 5% to 50% glycolic, lactic and pyruvic acid) depending on your individual needs and skin complexion.  Your esthetician may begin with a milder peel then eventually increase to a deeper peel. Fruit acid peels do not take a lot of time and can be performed on their own or added on to any Jessa Skin Facial for maximum benefit.

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