Is MakeUp with Sunscreen Enough Sun Protection?

It is easy to assume that makeup with sunscreen is enough sun protection, but that is actually false.  In the Summer months if you will be in the direct sunlight for more than 20 minutes, it is crucial to apply a layer of sunscreen before makeup.

While this may seem “heavy” and more layers than you want to put on your skin, consider this:  you would need to apply 7 times the amount of makeup foundation and 14 times the amount of powder foundation that you would normally use to get the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that is listed on most makeup bottles.  As with many skin care products, it isn’t enough to have an ingredient listed in a product; the percentage of that ingredient is what determines if it is truly beneficial or not.  Additionally, the danger of using makeup as a sunscreen is that it often isn’t evenly applied all over the face whereas sunscreen and lotions are easily applied with complete coverage.

The best way to protect your skin is to apply a thin layer of sunscreen with an active ingredient of titanium dioxide that offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  Estheticians at Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA  advise applying at least a teaspoon amount of sunscreen to the face, neck and ears.  Allow the sunscreen to dry and then apply makeup.  Jessa Skin’s SPF 29 Natural Titanium Spray has a lightweight feel that makes it very compatible with makeup application.

Another protective measure is to use a moisturizing cream with sunscreen before applying makeup.  Jessa Skin’s 100% Titanium Powder was designed to mix into any cream or body lotion to create added sun protection. The titanium in Jessa Skin products is not considered micronized; micronized titanium can be harmful to your health.

For more information on the best makeup for your skin and all of Jessa Skin’s sunscreen products, please contact  our spa at 415-342-3413.




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