About Jessa Professional Product Line & Organic Spa

calijadeJessa Skincare & Sugaring was opened in 2010 by  Jessica “Jessa” Roberts, Founder and Esthetician. Creating medically active skincare treatments and a professional skincare line using earth-friendly, healthy ingredients. Jessa trains her team of Estheticians to deliver world class service and beautiful lasting results using cutting edge techniques.

Jessa Skincare is made with 70-100% certified organic ingredients, completely free of harmful toxins, GMOs, no animal testing, vegan,  wheat free, soy free and full of love! Jessica reads studies and continually educates Estheticians all over the world. Everyone should be aware of what they are putting on their skin, it absorbs 60% of what is applied. Then it washes down the drain and ends up in our environment. Encouraging our clients to buy larger sizes, helps save money and means less bottles end up in landfills. Remember to wash your bottles and recycle!

We charge all of our products with intentions, pyramids, and California Jade. What does that mean? Studies have found putting positive intentions and blessings into your food or water makes a difference!  You can read about it in the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto which shows our water resources have memory and can be imprinted with our intentions.  This gives our bodies and planet a better message everyday.

Our Intentions:
Love – Peace – Gratitude – Light – Oneness – Strength – Abundance – Clarity – Joy
Consciousness – Awareness – Generosity – Health – Laughter – Thank You – 144 – Pyramid – Crystal – Awaken

~Jessica Roberts, CEO Founder & Esthetician