Three Ways to Reduce Pimple Scars

Pimple scars are the result of extreme acne breakouts.  Even after the initial blemish has faded, scars are present because of the loss of collagen to the inflamed skin.  Pimples scars are often in the form of pock marks or irritated redness patches on the face.  People with deep skin tones may also experience darkening of the skin.  The good news is that pimple scarring is avoidable and treatable.

Three Ways to Reduce Pimple Scars

1) Don’t Pick or Pop Pimples – Although it is highly tempting to pick or squeeze pimples, this act will only make your breakouts and scarring worse.  When you pop pimples, the pus and bacteria is pushed deeper into the skin which results in inflammation and more collagen damage.  Additionally, do not remove the scabs that cover pimples.  Scabs are the body’s  natural way of healing that wound.

2) Avoid the Sun- It is a myth that sunbathing will “zap” away acne and cover up scarring.  In fact, the sun is one of the biggest threats to the healing process of scars. The sun puts radiation into the skin causing more cells to mutate, more redness and creates a longer healing time.  The sun aggravates acne and actually causes additional breakouts. Always use a good zinc/titanium based sunscreen or apply a thick layer of mineral makeup everyday to avoid the sun’s damaging rays.

3) Fruit Acid Peels -  For persistent acne scars that have been on the face for an extended period of time, it is best to seek professional skincare help. One of the most effective treatments for reducing and eliminating acne scars is fruit acid peels.  Unlike chemical peels which are harsh, abrasive and painful,  fruit acids are naturally occurring substances found in a variety of places such as apples, mushrooms, milk and sugar cane. These acids, also called glycolic acids, remove the top layer of skin and stimulates the skin to produce natural collagen (which is needed to fill in the acne scars).

Fruit acid peels are most effective when performed in a series on a regular basis.  They vary in strength (from 5% to 50% glycolic, lactic and pyruvic acid) depending on your individual needs and skin complexion.

A professional esthetician trained in the treatment and care of pimple scarring can also recommendation a home-care routine to eliminate breakouts and fade acne scars.  For  more information on acne and scarring, contact Jessa Skin at 415-342-3413.


What Are Pimples?

Pimple and acne problems are the most common reason people seek professional skincare help.  Jessica Roberts, owner and founder of Jessa Skin in San Rafael, California answers the most frequently asked questions about pimples:

What are Pimples?

Pimples are skin legions or pustules that are infected with bacteria, become inflamed and then fill up with pus.  The pores on the skin’s surface connect to the oil glands under the skin. These glands make an oily substance called sebum. The pores  connect to the glands by a canal called a follicle. Inside the follicles, oil carries dead skin cells to the surface of the skin.  When people have multiple pimples or reoccurring pimples, it is called acne.

What Causes Pimples?

In short, pimples are caused by blocked pores and dead skin cells that don’t properly shed off the body. There are many  causes of pimples and acne: toxic products, hormones, stress and diet, to name a few.  If you look into these causes, you most likely will find that some changes to your daily routine will help eliminate frequent breakouts.

Should I Pop My Pimples?

While it is tempting to want to pop your pimples, we recommend that you resist the urge.  When you pop pimples, there is a high potential to drive the blocked material into the skin leading to infections and acne scars.  It is advised to only extract whiteheads and blackheads however, pus-filled red, irritated pimples should be left alone.  If you extract whiteheads and blackheads on your own, do not use your fingernails but rather a clean, sterile cotton facial pad.  It is ideal to see an expert esthetician for regular extractions to not only keep pimples away, but to avoid infection and scarring.

For more information on solutions for pimples, please contact Jessa Skin at 415-342-3413 for a consultation.

What Causes Pimples? Pimple Remedies Through Skin Mapping

Did you ever wonder what causes pimples and acne outbreaks?  At Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA, one of the top questions we are asked by our clients is “why do I always get pimples in the same spot or on certain parts of my face?”  Face mapping can help you analyze the underlying problems and help you understand what your acne is telling you about your overall health.

Breakouts on the hairline are commonly caused by improper or incomplete removal of make up, infrequent hair and scalp cleanliness or use of hair products that block pores.  Solutions are washing your hair regularly or, if frequent washing dries your hair, using a medicated shampoo.  Apply products primarily to the ends of the hair and not close to the roots.

Breakouts on the forehead or above the brows are related to the digestive system.  Due to toxin build up, the intestines struggle with their responsibilities.  If your diet is dominated by fats, soft drinks and red meat, you are likely to see acne in this area.  By eating less processed and fatty foods, increasing water intake and eating more toxin-eliminating foods such as boiled cabbage and baked apples, you can help eliminate these breakouts.

Acne between the brows is related to the liver.  This is also the area where food allergies show up first so, be sure to check the ingredients in the products you eat.  The best way to get rid of these breakouts is to cut out greasy foods, alcohol and dairy.  It is also important to get adequate sleep so your liver can rest.  The liver is at its strongest between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. so, it is very important to rest during those hours.  The liver is its weakest between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. so, it is ideal to schedule difficult work for the morning.

The nose area is effected by the heart.  If you frequently have acne issues in this area then you may want to have your blood pressure and Vitamin B levels checked.  Decreasing the intake of spicy food or pungent food, cutting down on meat and getting more fresh air can be very beneficial.  Additionally, look into ways to lower cholesterol, replacing “bad fats” with “good fats” such as Omega 3 and 6 found in nuts, fish, avocados and flax seed.  This area is also full of dilated pores so, check that your makeup is not expired.  The sides or wings of the nose however, can also be an indicator for changes in the reproductive system or ovaries.

The upper cheek area is linked to the respiratory system.  If you smoke or have allergies, this is likely a problem area for you.  If not, sleeping on your sides, using a cell phone frequently and pollution in the air can cause problems here.  The best ways to improve acne in this area is to eat more cooling foods, cut down on sugar intake and get more fresh air.  Keeping the body more alkaline by avoiding foods that make the body acidic (meat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine) and upping your intake of alkalizing foods like green veggies and wheatgrass juice can make a big difference.  In addition, keep cell phones clean and change your pillowcase often.

Any problems around the eye area, such as dark circles, are related to the kidneys.  The best thing to do is to increase your water intake.

The mouth and chin are the signature zones for stress and hormonal changes.  Although these seem to be unavoidable, you can decrease their effect by getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, eating leafy veggies and keeping your skin clean.  Breakouts in this area can also indicate when you are ovulating and on which side.  If your diet is dominated in soy or dairy, you will often see breakouts in this area as well since they contain hormones. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a condition in which a woman has an imbalance of female sex hormones and can also affect this area.

Poor lymphatic drainage or hormonal imbalance will show up on the jaw line.  The best remedies are to avoid eating before bed, getting more rest and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.  Getting your hormonal levels checked an also be beneficial if this is a problem for you.

For additional help with pimple and acne breakouts, contact Jessa Skin at 415-342-3413 for a consultation.

Written by Mikayla Doerfler, Jessa Skin Esthetician

Mikayla has been passionate about skincare and beauty. She originally got into esthetics because of her desire to help a family member who suffered from acne. She quickly fell in love with esthetics. She enjoys connecting with a variety or people every day and sharing her knowledge. She has a very nurturing and positive attitude. Some of her specialties are microdermabrasion and hair removal.

Hard Wax, Soft Wax and Sugaring Services at Jessa Skin, San Rafael CA

Which is right for you – hard wax, soft wax or sugaring?  Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA specializes in all three services.  Here’s a breakdown of the different types of hair removal options so you will know exactly what is used on your skin and why.

Soft Wax (Gentle Strip Wax) vs. Hard Wax

When you first look at the types of waxes, you might be inclined to say “gentle strip wax only please!”   It implies a tender approach whereas hard wax just sounds scary.  Don’t let the names fool you!  When not applied correctly, gentle strip wax can lift the skin and cause scabbing or scarring. It is only safe and recommended to be used on the body such as legs, arms, chest, back, etc.  This type of wax should never be used on the face or sensitive areas such as the bikini area. For these places, you want a hard wax which is thicker in consistency and applied warm. The wax hardens and is removed without a strip.  Hard wax removes shorter and courser hair without breaking the skin in the process.  Since  hard wax only removes hair, it eliminates the need to go over the same area more than once.

Before any waxing service, make sure to notify your esthetician if you are using any exfoliating creams (alpha hydroxy acids, retin A, glycolic). Accutane as well as other medications this can cause serious side effects such as scabbing.

For a complete list of Jessa Skin waxing services, please click here.


Unlike soft or hard waxing, with sugaring the name says it all!  Sugaring is a gentle, natural hair removal that is less painful than waxing and results in less irritation and ingrown hairs.  It is a specialty technique that needs to be applied correctly. At Jessa Skin, all of our estheticians are certified in Sugaring (be careful – many estheticians at other spas are not!) and use a natural sugar paste consisting of sugar, water and lemon juice to remove body and facial hair. With sugaring, large amounts of hair can be taken out at once and removed fast.  In case hairs are missed, sugaring can be used over the same area without fear of much irritation. The sugar paste easily washes off with water.

The major difference between sugaring and waxing  on legs and sensitive areas is that waxing adheres to skin cells whereas sugaring does not. Wax products are made of resins which adhere to skin cells on legs and bodies. Sugaring products never adhere to live skin cells. Therefore, when it is removed, it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind glowing skin.  However, it takes more time to remove hair with sugaring than waxing.

For more information on Jessa Skin’s Sugaring Services, please click here.

Important Tips for Both Waxing and Sugaring

For either soft wax, hard wax or sugaring appointments, it is always best to come prepared in order to minimize discomfort from hair removal.  Here are some things you can do beforehand:

  • No sunbathing 48 hours before hair removal
  • Come to your appointment freshly showered and free of ALL oils and lotions
  • Loofah or exfoliate the skin prior to your waxing appointment
  • Be sure to wear loose clothing to your appointment

After your appointment:

  • Be Gentle the first 24-48 hrs! When you get home shower and use our Organic Pure Cleanse or a  very gentle/neutral facial cleanser to clean the area.  Harsh soaps or scrubs can cause hives, breakouts & ingrowns. Do not over stimulate the skin.  Moisturize the area with squalene oil, organic aloe gel or manuka honey to sooth and heal the first few days.
  • Exfoliate 24 to 48 hours after treatment to prevent the build up of dead skin cells which can cause ingrown hair.  We recommend Walnut Scrub, Pumice Scrub or Scrub Gloves.
  • Avoid scented lotions and perfumes, as well as, all alpha hydroxy products for 48 hours.  Treat your skin like it has a minor sunburn and use aloe gel, squalene oil or manuka honey.
  • NO HOT showers, baths, hot tubs, sun exposure for the first 24 hours.  Again think minor burn your follicles are healing each one needs to close up.

For more information on Jessa Skin’s products and services, please call our day spa at 415-342-3413 or visit us online.

Marin’s Best Organic Facials at Jessa Skin

For over 5 years, our clients have told us they have found Marin’s best organic facials at Jessa Skin .  We’ve been awarded with this honor in Pacific Sun’s Best of Marin 2012 award issues, San Francisco’s Bay List Winners 2011 and even by our hometown, City of Marin’s “Best of ” 2012 awards.  We take these awards to heart because it tells us that we have very happy and satisfied clients which is our #1 goal in everything we do at our spa!

If you’ve never been to our day spa then you might be wondering exactly why our organic facials are so different from other spas. Here are three reasons why:


Natural & Organic Ingredients

Our founder, Jessica Roberts, worked with some of the world’s best chemists and formulators to develop the best natural and organic products that provide the greatest results for our clients while not harming the environment. In all of the services we provide at our spa, we only use the Jessa Skin product line. Our product line is free from harmful chemicals, toxins, parabens, harsh foaming agents, non-biodegradable formulas, harmful alcohols, fragrance, irritants, petroleum and other harmful ingredients. We continually educate ourselves through working closely with the SkinDeep database, which is associated with the Breast Cancer Society, to keep close tabs on new studies and seek formula advice for every single ingredient we use in our products.

Customized Facial Masks for YOUR Skin

When it comes to facials, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We have nine different facials options depending on your needs.  We also custom blend all our facial masks each time you have a facial to ensure you are getting the best facial for your skin. We offer several powerful professional treatments, such as microdermabrasion and fruit acid peels,  that can be added on to any one of our facials.  Not only are these customized for you, but they are affordably priced.  Many spas don’t offer these treatments as add-on’s, but rather make you receive a whole new facial to get the benefits of those treatments.   Additionally, all of our clients enjoy the extensive head, neck, face and hand massage that is included in our facials.

Experienced Staff

All of our estheticians  have many years of experience in skincare and are committed to organic healthy living.  They are continually researching and educating themselves on skincare and happily share their knowledge with their clients.  Our estheticians are available for consultations before your facial to discuss whatever skin concerns you may be having and offer expert  recommendations for the course of action to improve your skin.

To see our complete menu of facial services or to make an appointment, please visit our website.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Spa Holiday Gifts for Every Budget

Marin County top day spa, Jessa Skin is the perfect place to find the best spa holiday gifts for every budget and everyone on your list!  We’ve made our list and checked it twice to come up with our favorite gifts and stocking stuffers that are perfect for family, friends, teachers, babysitters and….even yourself.

$20 and Under

Our Maple Cookie Body Scrub just might be the best cookie you will have all season long!  Priced at $6 for 1/4 oz, $11 for 1 oz and $20 for 4 oz, it is a sweet gift that won’t break your budget.

Already wrapped and ready to go, our Honey Orange, Lavender Oat Hydra and Cinna-Woodspice Body Bars are priced at just $8. They are perfect for all skin types and give a refreshing full body cleansing experience.

Want to treat your special someone to a spa service they will surely love?  Our eyebrow tinting and several of our facial waxing services are priced between $8 and $20.

Our entire skincare line of products is available in both trial and travel size which range in price from $4 to $20.  You can easily pick up a cleanser, toner, lotion or cream in this price range. Not only are these sizes the perfect fit for stuffing stockings but after the holidays they fit very nicely in gym bags, suitcases and purses!

$25-  $50 Price Range

Our Ion Foot Detox is the perfect gift for busy moms and dads, people who stand on their feet and really anyone. Priced at just $33 for 30 minutes and $45 for 45 minutes, it is a great spa treat!

If a person on your list is already a  Jessa Skin client who receives frequent facials at our spa, you can give them one of our Glowtastic Add-On’s (Sonic Skin Treatment, Vitamin-C Boost, Fruit Acid Peel, Oxygen Infusion Treatment and Eye Contour Treatment) for just $30.  Trust us, they will love you for this!

If you aren’t sure which skin care products a person on your list may need, anyone on your list will love one of our body lotions and body butters ($26 for the largest size).

We have several all natural, organic skincare kits based on skin types and problem areas.  The kits ($49) are ideal for providing a complete daily skincare regime that is easy to manage.

$50 and Up

Without a doubt, the best spa gift you can give to anyone – male, female, teen – is one of our famous organic facials.  Our Ultimate Facial is the ultimate mini-vacation and  includes 25 minutes of heavenly massage, deep cleansing, enzyme scrub, extractions, skin mapping and custom blended masks for any skin type. This makes a wonderful gift or a treat yourself!  See Jessa Skin’s complete menu of facials here.

Not sure what to buy?  A Jessa Skin gift certificate is always a safe bet.  Available in any amount, gift certificates can be used for any of our skincare products or spa services.


Holiday After Party Beauty Tips

‘Tis the season for celebrating all things holiday! After the party is over, apply these beauty tips from Jessa Skin to regain your skin’s healthy glow:

Tip #1 – Hydration for the Body & Skin

Christmas and New Years Eve parties lend themselves to greater alcohol consumption which can dehydrate you and damage your skin. To avoid this, drink plenty of water before, during and after holiday parties.  After the party, always (always, always!) remove your makeup to avoid pimple breakouts.  After thoroughly washing your face, make sure to use a hydrating moisturizer to replenish and repair your skin, such as Jessa Skin’s Organic Hydra-Olive Cream.


Tip #2 – Exfoliation

During the holiday season, many people tend to not only drink more alcoholic beverages than they normally do, but also eat more decadent foods.  While it is ok to indulge once in a while, it is important to be mindful that your body will need to rid itself of those added toxins.  Your body will be booting the toxins out via your skin which can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and dull skin.  If you exfoliate, you will be helping your skin along by removing the  dead skins cells.  We recommend our Ultimate Facial with Diamond Microdermabrasion for flushing out toxins and cleansing your skin.  A great product to use at home is Jessa Skin’s Vanilla-Soda Pimple Oxygen Scrub.


Tip #3 – Jessa Skin’s Ion Foot Detox

The body can become overloaded with toxic substances especially during the holidays.  These toxins and chemicals get stored in the body’s joints, organs, arteries, nerves and tissues, disrupting their functions and creating an environment for disease, allergies, and immune system breakdowns.  The Ion Cleanse foot soak not only helps to detoxify, but can energetically boost and balance your body. The Ion-Cleanse process is an amazing cleansing method for detoxifying your body by bathing your feet in a warm water bath while using positive and negative ions from an ion generator.

In addition to these three important tips, be sure to get plenty of sleep!  Your face is the first place that lack of sleep is evident in the form of puffy eyes and dark circles.  It is necessary to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night in order to be healthy.

Follow these beauty tips during the holiday season and you will be ringing in the New Year with a glowing and healthy face!


Holiday Beauty Tips

Holiday parties and social events coming up? Jessa Skin’s holiday beauty tips help your skin sparkle and glow during all the Christmas and New Years festivities!

Drink Extra Water – ‘Tis the season for indulging in decadent cocktails and rich, salty food.  While holiday fare is one of the best parts of the season, the “day after” can leave you with a bloated and puffy face. To combat these side effects, drink extra water to stay hydrated and refreshed.  Another great remedy is herbal tea such as soothing peppermint.

Boost Your Facial Treatments – The holidays are the most social time of the year and you want your  face to look its absolute best.  The added stress and celebratory indulgences can also create havoc on our face in the form of pimple breakouts and dull looking skin. More than ever, this season is the time to keep up with your facial treatments.  Jessa Skin’s Ultimate Facial is perfect for speeding up your cellular renewal and making your skin look smooth, moist, healthy and more radiant.  For immediate results, add-on our Vitamin C Boost or Oxygen Infusion Treatments to your facial service.

Moisturize –  With the colder weather comes dry and chafed skin. Not only is this irritating, but can be visible when wearing cocktail dresses.  Keep your body well moisturized by applying a  high quality body butter twice a day.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting – One of our most popular services, tinting is ideal during the holidays when you are running from one event to another and don’t have time to refresh your makeup.  Our eyelash tinting takes only 10-15 minutes and will give you the perfect “fresh mascara” look throughout the entire holiday season.  Beautiful and efficient!

Waxing and Sugaring –  Nothing creates a fresh and well manicured look to your face like a sculpted and shaped eyebrow.  The effects can be amazing to your eyes and overall facial structure.  At Jessa Skin, we specialize in waxing and sugaring not only for eyebrows, but the entire body including our award-winning Brazilian waxing services.  We advise that you wait 24-48 hours after your waxing appointment before wearing tight-fitting clothes and boots so, schedule your appointment a few days in advance of your holiday party.

To book an appointment at Jessa Skin Day Spa, call us at 415-342-3413 or make your appointment online.  We look forward to seeing your beautiful, healthy and glowing face!



All Natural, Organic Skincare Kits from Jessa Skin

San Rafael, CA best day spa Jessa Skin offers all natural, organic skincare kits based on skin types and problem areas.  The kits are ideal for providing a complete daily skincare regime that is easy to manage.

The kits are only $49 and available at the Jessa Skin spa, 503 D Street #1, San Rafael, CA 94901.  The spa is open for appointments 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with receptionist assistance Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please consult with one of our expert estheticians if you have any questions or concerns.  Everyone’s skin is different and sometimes, one size does not fit all.  If you have combination skin, there may be a better product pairing for you.

Pimple/Acne Kit

  • 1 oz Lemongrass Pimple Clear Foamy Cleanser
  • 1 oz Anti-Oxidant Pimple Clear Toner
  • .25 oz Vanilla-Soda Pimple Oxygen Scrub
  • .25oz 10% Manuka Redless-Pimple Serum
  • .25 oz 100% Manuka Honey Mask

Oily Skin Kit

  • 1 oz Aloe-Pure Foamy Cleanser
  • 1 oz Triple Tea MSM & DMAE Toner
  • .25 oz Vanilla-Soda Pimple Oxygen Scrub
  • .25 oz 100% Hyaluronic Oil-Free Serum
  • .25 oz 100% Manuka Honey Mask

Lighten/Pigmented Skin Kit

  • 1 oz Aloe-Pure Foamy Cleanser
  • 1 oz Triple Tea MSM & DMAE Toner
  • .25 oz Vanilla-Soda Pimple Oxygen Scrub
  • .25 oz Oxyzone C Ester-Q10 Age Lighten Cream

Anti-Aging/Firming Skin Kit

  • 1 oz Honey Tea & C Creamy Cleanser
  • 1 oz Rich Firming Anti-Aging Toner
  • .25 oz 100% Pumice Scrub
  • .25 oz Rose, Tea, DMAE & C Cream
  • .25 oz 100% Manuka Honey Mask

Sensitive/Redness Skin Kit

  • 1 oz Sea-Rose Gentle Foamy Cleanser
  • 1 oz Cucumber-Aloe Sensitive Toner
  • .25 oz 100% Fully Ozonated Oxygen Jojoba Cream
  • .25 oz 100% Manuka Honey Mask

Dry Skin Kit

  • 1 oz Honey Tea & C Creamy Cleanser
  • 1 oz Rich Firming Anti-Aging Toner
  • .25 oz 100% Pumice Scrub
  • .25 oz Hydra-Olive Cream
  • .25 oz 100% Manuka Honey Mask

For detailed descriptions and ingredients for each of these products, please see our product guide on the Jessa Skin website.

Better Than Pie, Pumpkin Is Great for Your Skin!

Marin County Ca top spa Jessa Skin agrees that pumpkins are the sweetheart of the Fall season.  From  jack o’lanterns to pumpkin pie, it’s hard not to love that orange, bumpy fruit.  But, did you know that (minus the pie!) pumpkins contain more than 100 beneficial nutrients? Packed with vitamins, pumpkins are great for your heart, vision and skin.

Just one cup of cooked, mashed pumpkin gives you more than 200% of recommended daily intake of Vitamin A which helps with vision especially in dim light. Additionally, pumpkins are a great source of fiber with 3 grams per one cup serving. Pumpkins also offer the antioxidant beta-carotene which may play a role in preventing cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Those same carotenoids in pumpkin that keep cancer away also provide benefits for smooth, wrinkle-free skin.  We have long raved about fruit enzymes and the benefits of fruit acid peels for anti-aging and deep exfoliation. Fruit enzymes, and alpha-hydroxy acids, such as found in pumpkin, help to increase skin cell turnover rate and remove dead, scaly skin cells on the surface of the skin.  The result? Smooth, vibrant, healthy skin.

One of the best ways to get the full benefit of pumpkin any time of the year is with Jessa Skin’s 5% Pumpkin Enzyme Peel.  Part of our Pro RX line (a medically proven, professional line of products), our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel is made with active ingredients pumpkin, bilberry, 5% glycolic acid and vitamins C and E.  It is ideal for all skin types and able to be used on the face or body.  It helps to lighten dark spots, clear breakouts, exfoliate and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Directions for use:  Apply a thin layer to freshly washed skin, avoiding eye area.  Light tingling will occur.  Allow it to sit for 2-10 minutes then rinse.

So, while we think it’s ok to indulge every once in a while in sweet treats such as pumpkin pie, we know it’s even better to take the pumpkin fruit (literally) at face value!

For more information on our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel or any of our skincare products, please contact our spa at 415-342-3413.


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