What Are Microdermabrasion Facial Treatments?

A common question at the Jessa Skin spa in San Rafael, CA is what are microdermabrasion facial treatments?  Followed by: will microdermabrasion make an immediate difference to my skin? Used for removing clogged pores, anti-aging, dark spots and wrinkles, microdermabrasion is often referred to as an “instant facelift” without using the toxic ingredients found in Botox, chemical peels and surgical procedures.

Here are three things you need to know about microdermabrasion:

1. How Microdermabrasion Works

Microdermabrasion is a technique that buffs away the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin (epidermis) to reach the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) where wrinkles and blemishes form.  Microdermabrasion essentially zaps the imperfections where they are forming and encourages that layer of skin to produce healthy, new skin cells.  The skin appears smooth, rejuvenated and youthful.

While there are many microdermabrasion products on the market to be used at home, we do not advise using them.  Most of the products are ineffective.  It will be frustrating to spend the money and receive limited results.  In a professional spa, trained technicians use a specialized tool to bring all the impurities to the surface.

At Jessa Skin, we use Diamond Microdermabrasion which is a crystal-free option that uses a diamond headed tip for precise, safe removal of dead skin cells. A vacuum gently lifts the skin, flushing out toxins and stimulating collagen and elastin.  We then follow that with an organic aloe cucumber mask, the flow of 95% pure oxygen and a moisturizer. This dynamic duo is proven to be clinically effective in treating: dry skin, oily skin; fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and acne prone skin. The best part of the Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment is that there isn’t any downtime!

2. How To Receive the Best Results from Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatments work best in a series.   You don’t need the series often; just once or twice a year.  We recommend the series include six treatments spaced a week apart.   The best time of year for microdermabrasion series are: Winter, Spring and Fall.  We do not recommend completing the series in the Summer.

3. What To Do in Between Treatments

After the series,  it is best to schedule one microdermabrasion treatment per month to keep up with the maintenance.  Microdermabrasion treatments can be added to any facial service at Jessa Skin for a small fee.  Depending on what your skin care goals are (acne, anti aging, etc.), your esthetician will recommend a daily skincare routine that is ideal for your skin.  There is no ”one size fits all” when it comes to skin care.   A Jessa Skin each product, facial and treatment is customized to fit your individual needs.

For more information on microdermabrasion and for a consultation, please contact our spa at 415-342-3413.

Why Get Monthly Facials? (San Rafael, CA & Marin County, CA)

Did you ever wonder why monthly facials are good for your skin?   Jessa Skin specializes in organic facials San Rafael, CA and has seen the dramatic results on hundreds of clients.  A healthy diet, large daily water intake, a monthly facial and proper daily washing at home are all factors that lead to beautiful, healthy skin.

Here are Three Reasons Why Monthly Facials Are So Good For Your Skin:

1.  Deep Cleaning

Most people will wait to get a facial until there is a problem.  A monthly facial will prohibit the problems from occurring in the first place.  One of the reasons is the level of deep cleaning that only a professional spa can provide.  Similar to seeing a dentist for regular deep cleanings for your teeth, we recommend seeing an esthetician for a deep cleaning for your pores and skin cells. Estheticians are trained to treat all skin types and can recommend the best solutions for problems.

2. Safe Extractions

It is so hard to resist popping pimples and blackheads!  Many times when people pop their own pimples at home, the area can get inflamed from improper extracting techniques and dirty finger nails.  Attempting to extract pimples on your own can lead to even bigger problems such as infection and scarring.  A trained esthetician has the necessarily tools and has been educated on how to safely extract blemishes without damaging the skin tissue around the area.   By keeping up with monthly facials and extractions, your skin will have a reduction in blemishes.  If you have oily or pimple prone skin, you may want to consider getting a professional facial twice a month.

3. Cell Renewal

It takes about 30 days for the cells in your face to move up to the surface of your skin, die and slough off. A professional exfoliation will rid the skin of those dead skin cells and give the skin a more toned and youthful glow.  Monthly facials will speed up your cell renewal and make your skin look smooth, healthy, moist and radiant!

Why Jessa Skin Organic Facials Are Different From the Rest

Jessa Skin has nine different facials options depending on your needs.  We custom blend all our facial masks each time you have a facial to ensure you are getting the best facial for your skin. We offer several powerful professional treatments, such as microdermabrasion and fruit acid peels,  that can be added on to any one of our facials.

Not only are these customized for you, but they are affordably priced.  Many spas don’t offer these treatments as add-on’s, but rather make you receive a whole new facial to get the benefits of those treatments.   Additionally, all of our clients enjoy the extensive head, neck, face and hand massage that is included in our facials.

While we encourage monthly facials for healthy skin, we know that sometimes it’s not feasible.  At minimum, have a facial at least four times a year.  A good rule of thumb is to have a facial when the seasons change.

To visit our Organic Facial Menu, please click here.

Is MakeUp with Sunscreen Enough Sun Protection?

It is easy to assume that makeup with sunscreen is enough sun protection, but that is actually false.  In the Summer months if you will be in the direct sunlight for more than 20 minutes, it is crucial to apply a layer of sunscreen before makeup.

While this may seem “heavy” and more layers than you want to put on your skin, consider this:  you would need to apply 7 times the amount of makeup foundation and 14 times the amount of powder foundation that you would normally use to get the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that is listed on most makeup bottles.  As with many skin care products, it isn’t enough to have an ingredient listed in a product; the percentage of that ingredient is what determines if it is truly beneficial or not.  Additionally, the danger of using makeup as a sunscreen is that it often isn’t evenly applied all over the face whereas sunscreen and lotions are easily applied with complete coverage.

The best way to protect your skin is to apply a thin layer of sunscreen with an active ingredient of titanium dioxide that offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  Estheticians at Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA  advise applying at least a teaspoon amount of sunscreen to the face, neck and ears.  Allow the sunscreen to dry and then apply makeup.  Jessa Skin’s SPF 29 Natural Titanium Spray has a lightweight feel that makes it very compatible with makeup application.

Another protective measure is to use a moisturizing cream with sunscreen before applying makeup.  Jessa Skin’s 100% Titanium Powder was designed to mix into any cream or body lotion to create added sun protection. The titanium in Jessa Skin products is not considered micronized; micronized titanium can be harmful to your health.

For more information on the best makeup for your skin and all of Jessa Skin’s sunscreen products, please contact  our spa at 415-342-3413.




New Mineral Eye Makeup Line at Jessa Skin

We are so excited to offer a new mineral eye makeup line at Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA – Chickaboom.   Since we’ve introduced Chickaboom, it has become an instant favorite with our staff and regular clients.

Chickaboom is a mineral makeup with an exclusive mineral formulation that contains mica as the first ingredient and most importantly, NO TALC or parabens. Infused with Jojoba and Grapefruit Seed extracts, the eyeshadow palette offers 88 shades of highly pigmented and blendable colors.  The palette is all you need to simply create day and night looks. Chickaboom is a high quality makeup line with an affordable price – the palette sells for only $65 at Jessa Skin.  We are also offering Chickaboom’s smudge proof eyeliner which is a “must have” to create everything from subtle looks to smokey eye.

Jessa Skin also offers 100% Pure makeup including mascara, foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, lip gloss and lip pencil. 100% Pure is the only cosmetic line colored from antioxidant rich fruit and vegetable pigments.

This summer, our Makeup Specialist will be available Thursday through Saturday to help clients create all the looks they desire with their makeup.  She is available for appointments from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For more information on Jessa Skin’s makeup and application lessons, please call us at 415-342-3413. We look forward to seeing you soon!

How To Get Rid of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The #1 question women ask when they come into Jessa Skin is “How do I get rid of fine lines and wrinkles?”  One of the best ways is with a professional fruit acid peel. Not only does a fruit acid peel remove dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin, but it also helps with dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.  Fruit acid peels also give the skin a thorough cleansing which is very effective on adult pimples and acne.

A fruit acid peel is not to be confused with a chemical peel practiced in dermatologists’ offices.  If the idea of a chemical peel scares you, well…it should!  The harsh, abrasive chemicals used actually burn off the top layer of skin and can be very painful.  Additionally, there are risks of becoming very sensitive to sunlight and permanently changing the pigment of your skin (basically bleaching you).

Fruit acids are naturally occurring substances found in a variety of places such as apples, mushrooms, milk and sugar cane. These acids, also called glycolic acids, not only remove that top layer, but also stimulate the skin to produce natural collagen which fills in fine lines and wrinkles.  The benefits of fruit acid peels include even skin tone, diminished acne scars as well as softer, smoother, firmer and healthier skin.

Fruit acid peels are most effective when performed in a series on a regular basis.  They vary in strength (from 5% to 50% glycolic, lactic and pyruvic acid) depending on your individual needs and skin complexion.  Your esthetician may begin with a milder peel then eventually increase to a deeper peel. Fruit acid peels do not take a lot of time and can be performed on their own or added on to any Jessa Skin Facial for maximum benefit.

When Should You Begin Using Anti-Aging Products?

A common question women ask at the spa is “When should I begin using anti-aging products?”  The answer may surprise you.

When you are young, it can be hard to imagine that you will need an anti-aging skincare product.  But, the reality is everyone ages.  The earlier you start, even as young as 18 years old,  the easier it will be to maintain that youthful young skin.  Signs of aging, such as crow’s feet, can begin as early as your mid-20′s.

The best way for a young woman to begin her anti-aging regime is to protect her skin with daily use of sunscreen. The sun’s harmful rays are one of the top culprits in causing wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. While you may not see those signs when you are younger, you will definitely see them surface as you age.

If you don’t begin using anti-aging products until your 30′s or even 40′s, it may be harder to reverse the signs of aging, however it’s not impossible!  If you use your JessaSkin products they way they are recommended, you can see a 50-75% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The anti-aging superstar ingredients include Fruit Acids, Vitamin C and Peptides.  These ingredients have been medically documented to rebuild collagen and elastin.

Simply following a skincare routine at home will give you good results.  If you faithfully follow the routine and also use sunscreen then you will have better results.  The best results can be found by taking a few extra steps such as applying a weekly mask or fruit peel,  as well as, including monthly microdermabrasion treatments in your routine.


The most important thing to remember is that the more you are willing to do for your skin, the more you will see your skin respond.

3 Best Anti-Aging Ingredients

With so many anti-aging products on the market, how do you know what really works? Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA lists the 3 best anti-aging ingredients to look for in skincare products.

You may see products with labels touting they offer healthy and natural anti-aging ingredients, but be careful….the percentages of the ingredients in the product is what will make the product effective or not.  If the label doesn’t specify the percentage then contact the company and ask.  Why invest your money and time in a product that won’t work? Additionally, be sure to check the label thoroughly because the ingredients can be listed under a different name.


Three of the Best Anti-Aging Ingredients

1)      Vitamin C

Different Names: ascorbic acid, l-ascorbic acid OR ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C ester)

Percentages: 10% or higher, you must buy l-ascorbic or ascorbyl palmitate  Do not buy ascorbic acid –  it is not as effective due to its large size the skin cannot absorb it and then use it.

Results you get:  Brighter skin less pigment / blocks melanin from forming, collagen and elastin growth equals less wrinkles / deep lines, scar healing, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory great for acne, exfoliating, studies have shown vitamin C to act as an additional 3-10 SPF.  The sun leaches vitamin C from our skin which causes the skin to burn and burns lead to cancer and premature aging.  The sun will go for your topical vitamin C first if you wear it; blocking harmful rays and age spots from forming.

*Remember most vitamin C formulas last 3 months, after that they are toxic!  Some formulas are stable and have a longer shelf life up to 2 yrs.


2)      Peptides

Different Names: ARGIRELINE (Acetyl Hexapeptide) – is a wrinkle inhibitor reduces pre-existing wrinkle depth and relax facial tension. LEUPHASYL (Pentapeptide-3) – Compliments Argireline by modulating muscle contraction, reduces depth of wrinkles around the eye and forehead areas.  OCTAPEPTIDE (Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide-1) – Extends and lengthens the muscle under tension reduces wrinkle depth. Matrixyl 3000 (Palmitoyl Oligopeptide & Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3) – Helps stimulate new Collagen I, III & IV and Elastin. TRIPEPTIDE (Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate) – temporarily relaxes the muscle, keeping it from contracting and thereby smoothing wrinkles, Copper Peptide.

Percentages: 5% or more, some over the counter formulas such as Olay Regenerist are low percentages of peptides – don’t be fooled by a cheap price tag!

Results you get: Peptides have been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 50-70% over 3 months of use. Muscle toning, collagen and elastin growth.


3)      Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Natural Peels)

Different Names: glycolic acid – from sugar cane, lactic acid -from dairy products or honey, tartaric acid or pyruvic acid – from grapes, malic acid- from fruit, citric acid from citrus fruits, kojic acid from mushrooms.

Percentages: home care: 1-5%mild-medium, 5-15%medium-strong, it is best to start your skin slowly with a lower percentages. (15%-70% clinical strength-recommended 1-4x a month)

Results you get: clearer skin, less acne, less pigment, smaller pores, firmer collagen and elastin growth, scar reduction, increase in SPF by 2-4, deeper product penetration with a breakdown of the skins natural barrier, fast skin cell turn over more like it was when you were a baby, the faster your skin cells shed the younger you look, with more new cells are on the surface making your skin glow!  When studied fruit acids work best as a mixture each one works differently.  Choose a 2-4 acid blend for the best results! (example: glycolic, lactic, malic & kojic) also get kojic or pigment fighting acids in everything this will combat melanin which makes uneven skin tone & age spots.

When you get high percentages of the ingredients listed above or a mix of these ingredients, you are on your way to getting firm and radiant skin! You can also use a serum or a cream to get combined results.

Best Spa Services to Get Rid of Acne

If you are seeking professional help for pimple breakouts, it’s a good idea to know what are the best spa services to get rid of acne.  Once you are aware of what you need, you can budget for the treatments that will help you achieve your goal of glowing, healthy and blemish-free skin.  These treatments work best when followed up at home with quality acne control products and a daily face washing regime.

Monthly Facials

Many consider a monthly facial a luxury however, it is actually a vital part of healthy skin care especially for people who battle with consistent acne breakouts.  It is difficult to get the same deep clean on your own as you can in a professional spa.  Many spas offer discounts for people who schedule  facials on a regular monthly basis. When you develop a relationship with your esthetician, she will also get to know your skin and formulate specific masks just for your skin type and problem areas. Consider your esthetician an important part of your health care team!

Schedule Professional Extractions

While you are neutralizing your acne or if you’ve had a bad breakout, book regular extractions from an esthetician. Never extract your acne at home unless you have professional training because you will cause scarring and damage to your pores causing more acne. When your acne is under control, you can get extractions less often.

Invest in Professional Exfoliations

Regular peels and microdermabrasion can greatly improve pitted scarring and active breakouts. At home, it is impossible to get the same percentages or depths of a peel that a professional can do for you. It is best to budget for professional extractions with exfoliation four times a year.

At Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA, extractions and exfoliations are considered add-on’s to our facial treatments which brings the overall monthly cost down significantly.  Many spas consider these services as separate facials and will charge you double the price.  It is important to do your homework about local spas in your area.  Ask to see their product line, list of ingredients, staff credentials and exactly what each service includes.

Get Rid of Acne

One of the most common goals of clients of Jessa Skin in San Rafael, CA is to get rid of acne – for good. For people who struggle with pimples, blackheads, white heads, acne scars and repetitive problem areas on the skin, the battle for clear skin can be frustrating and overwhelming.  There are a myriad of acne products on the market that all promise to be the solution.  How do you decide which is best for you?

One of the important things to remember in the search for skin care is that in attempting to solve one problem, do not create another.  Many products contain harmful chemicals that will not only damage your skin in the long run, but impose upon your overall health and the environment.  Jessa Skin products are all-natural and organic with proven active ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, alpha hydroxy acids and fruit acids which fight bacteria that causes breakouts.

For a simple acne fighting regime, Jessa Skin offers a Pimple & Acne Kit for only $49.  Follow the daily routine of how to use the products and acne will be under control leaving you with glowing, radiant, healthy skin.

Jessa Skin Pimple & Acne Kit

  • 1 oz Lemongrass Pimple Clear Foamy Cleanser
  • 1 oz Anti-Oxidant Pimple Clear Toner
  • .25 oz Vanilla-Soda Pimple Oxygen Scrub
  • .25 oz 15% Fruit Acid Action Peel
  • .25 oz 100% Manuka Honey Mask


How to Use the Jessa Skin Pimple Kit


Step #1 – Lemongrass Pimple Clear Foamy Cleanser + Vanilla-Soda Pimple Oxygen Scrub (mix together)

Step #2 – Spritz on the Anti-Oxidant Pimple Clear Toner.

Step #3 – While the skin is still moist from the toner, apply ¼ pea size of Manuka Honey Mask


Step #1 – Lemongrass Pimple Clear Foamy Cleanser + Vanilla-Soda Pimple Oxygen Scrub (mix together)

Step #2 – Spritz on Anti-Oxidant Pimple Clear Toner

Step #3 – Fruit Acid Action Peel

Step #4 – Manuka Honey Mask

Once a Week: Use  the Manuka Honey as a mask.

For more information on Jessa Skin products and skincare treatments, please call 415-342-3413 or visit us online at http://www.jessaskin.com

5 Quick Fixes to Help With Acne

For people who experience frequent pimple breakouts, here are 5 quick fixes to help with acne from the leading estheticians at Jessa Skin in Marin County, CA:

1.  Avoid Toxic Products

From drugstore skincare products to household cleaning products in your home, toxic ingredients cause havoc on the skin.  Be diligent about reading labels on every product you use especially if you are prone to breakouts.  When your body comes into contact with these toxic ingredients, it naturally wants to detox them out of your system…in the form of pimples on your body and face. Any product that contains fragrance, perfume, alcohol and parabens are sure to be avoided.

2. Make Healthy Food Choices

Your daily diet absolutely plays into acne breakouts.  While meat, soy, wheat, flaxseed and dairy can cause hormone overloads, so can eating food products from plastic containers or bottles. One of the worst culprits for causing acne is highly processed foods. Those foods aggravate your body and digestive system which can cause  mild to severe inflammation which leads to acne.  We strongly recommend that you take vitamins to make sure you are not deficient in anything and drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush toxins.

3. Wash Your Face Twice A Day

A facial cleanser with exfoliation can help kill the bacteria that is causing the acne and help your skin turn the dead cells over. You will need to moisturize with exfoliants and bacteria killing products.  One of our favorite cleansers for people with acne prone skin is our Lemongrass Pimple Clear Foamy Cleanser.  It has a balanced formula of aloe, coconut, olive, jojoba and is a magnet for dirt and oils.

4. Avoid Over Exposure to the Sun

It is a common belief that the sun dries up acne and helps clear up the skin. This is actually untrue because the sun puts radiation into the skin causing more cells to mutate, more redness and long healing times. The sun aggravates acne causing breakouts.  Make sure to choose a good zinc / titanium based sunscreen or apply a thick even layer of mineral makeup everyday to avoid the suns damaging rays.

5.  Change Your Pillow Case Daily

If you are especially prone to breakouts, change your pillow case daily. Throughout the night, sweat and oil builds up on your pillowcase which creates the perfect environment to clog up your skin. Tip: Flip your pillow over to get two nights out of one pillow case.  If you have acne stock up on pillow cases you will need three a week.

If you have regular breakouts that feel beyond your control, consult with an expert esthetician to create a plan especially designed for you.  At Jessa Skin, we have numerous skincare treatments and products to help you manage acne and achieve healthy, glowing, vibrant skin.

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