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At Jessa we consider ourselves a clinical spa, completely transforming and maintaining your skin with medically-active treatments. Our organic skincare line contains active ingredients in the right percentages to deliver beautiful, lasting results.  We recommend a full monthly facial with a series of intensive treatments 2-4 times a year.


Is this is your first facial with us or has it been a while?  Schedule your free skin consultation so we enough time to create a skin care plan just for you!


Get an intensive series of 6 treatments! You will receive 1-2 professional treatments  a week, until a total of 6 treatments is reached. For resurfacing, brightening, acne busting and age-defying results, schedule a series 2-4 times a year, in-between your regular facials. All of our treatments are customized for your skin, your practitioner will help you choose the best combo of treatments/add-ons.

Quick Radiance Peel 10mins $66
Cleanse, Peel & Moisturize.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment 20mins $88
Cleanse, Dermabrasion & Moisturize.

Nano-Lift Treatment 20mins $88
Cleanse, Nano & Moisturize.

LED Light Therapy Treatment 20mins $88
Cleanse, LED & Moisturize.

Cupping Instant-Lift Treatment 20mins $88
Cleanse, Cupping & Moisturize.


Designed for doing your complete monthly facial treatment, with the exception of Acne where an Extraction Facial may be required twice a month until clear. Your skin cells turn over every 28 days, making it perfect timing for clean pores and well hydrated skin! All of our treatments are customized for your skin, your practitioner will help you choose the best combo of treatments/add-ons.

Wonder Woman Facial  75mins $255
Are you looking for the most amazing results-driven facial we have? This combination of treatments provides an instant transformation! The Wonder Woman or Super Human Facial, this treatment is not just for the ladies! Includes three power-packed Add-Ons all-in-one facial, perfect for any skin type. The power packed Add-Ons are: 30% Professional Peel, Facial Cupping, and Light Therapy! This facial includes a, cleanse, enzyme scrub, extractions, 3 add-ons, massage of the face, scalp, nutrient mask & moisturizer.

Essential Facial 50mins $115
Cleanse, enzyme scrub, extractions, massage of the face, scalp,
nutrient mask & moisturizer.

Extraction Facial 40mins $95
Cleanse, enzyme scrub, extractions,
nutrient mask & moisturizer.

Teen Facial 40mins $88
Cleanse, enzyme scrub, extractions,
nutrient mask & moisturizer. Teens learn how to maintain their skin, clear acne, and learn good skincare habits early.

Do you have Acne?  Acne is one of our specialties! A strict home care product program & life style changes are required with clinical treatments to achieve successful clearing. We will not be accepting new clients who are not willing to commit to the full program, as it is not possible to achieve results with clinical treatments only.

What to expect to begin your Acne Program:

  1. Extraction Facials twice a month.
  2. Full skin care product program for home.
  3. Life style changes, foods, habits, you will be given a checklist


Add or combine these amazing treatments with any Clinical Facial or Medically-Active Treatment!

30% Professional Peel 10mins $44

Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment 10mins $66

Nano-Lift Treatment 10mins $44

LED Light Therapy Treatment 10mins $44

Cupping Instant-Lift Treatment 10mins $44