History of Ion Foot Detox Bath in San Rafael, Ca

History of Ion Cleanse / Ion Foot Detox Bath in San Rafael, Ca
The Ion Cleanse is a powerful way to experience to cellular detoxification.  The Ion Cleanse devise generates a stream of positive and negative ions (charges atom) which attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles.  Through osmosis these toxins are drawn out of the body through the pores of your feet to cleanse and detoxify the body.

During a 30 minute session, the ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid wastes.  This energy is the electro- magnetic force that is stored within the body and utilized by our cells.  Chinese medicine refers to this energy as the “chi”.  The complex energy fields permeate and realign the body’s energy field while improving oxygen levels.

While the ion cleanse Foot soak is widely used to increase energy (both physical and mental energy), vitality , and stamina at the same time it is used to purge (ionic detoxifications) the body of toxins chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics and other foreign material trapped in the cell layers that have clogged up the body’s systems of elimination.

Its internal cleansing is believed by many to include parasite cleansing, cleansing of the liver detoxification, which results in less body fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, greater bladder control, a more balanced ph, a stronger immune system and significant pain relief, including headaches, gout and arthritis pain.

The first ion detox unit was created for the entire body used in treatments on cancer patients.  They then recognized that the large pores in the feet and the circulating blood could carry the ions to the rest of the body.  This made the machine more compact and easy to use for everyone.