After Tanning Care

A tan will last about 7 days, if you do multiple tans it will last longer.  To ensure you get the best results possible from your spray tanning, follow these steps:

  1. Allow your tan to sit for 4-8 hours.  It must be given time to activate your skins pigment creating the brown color.  During This Time Do Not: moisturize, shower, take a bath, sweat heavily, go swimming, wear tight clothes.
  2. Keep your spray tan moist.  Before your spray on tan, you exfoliated, so the layer of dead skin cells is flat and shallow. Then you had your tan, which was developed in the dead skin layer. After your tan you have to guard it from becoming dry and rubbing off. The best way to do it is to moisturize it morning and night. (You start after you take your first shower.) It means, dead skin cells will be moist, and stay “plastered” to your body.
  3. Avoid things that will exfoliate your skin excessively. How about hot, luxurious bath after your spray on tan? I don’t think so! That will make your skin exfoliate faster, as will rolling in the sand on the beach. A short swim in the sea will not take much off however, but a swim in the chlorinated pool will. (Chlorine will not exfoliate the tan, it will bleach it).
  4. Use gentle shower products. Some soaps are too harsh, using them can take tan off in patches. If you have to use the soap, use good quality ones that moisturize. Better still; a gentle shower gel will be much better for your spray tanned skin.
  5. Touch up your spray tan! Take a touch up can home from the salon. The spray tan has a tendency to come off first from the hands, feet and face (lots of face cosmetics have exfoliating qualities). Tight clothing like jeans, cause your tan to get lighter in places where the clothing is rubbing.  Use your touch up can to fix rub off or to get extra color in certain areas you want darker.Touch up your tan and moisturize -  you will look great from the first, to the last day.

    How To Remove Spray Tan Dark Spots.
    Too much of a good thing? Hands, feet elbows and knees seem to take on more spray tanning solution than the rest of the body, because they have more dry skin on them. It is important to exfoliate those places extra carefully before you have your spray tan.

    What to use to take the stains off after spray tan.  Sometimes, no matter what you do, you still get darker stains. The way to deal with them is to rub them off with exfoliant. If you use exfoliant on top of exfoliating glove, it seems to do a great job of removing spray tan. If you have done this, and not all has come off, a little bit of lemon juice, or Oxygen Cream will do the trick.

    If you had a really dark spray on tan, at the end of its life it might get patchy, if it is beyond the stage that can be touched up, you might want to take it off.  This is how to remove the spray tan altogether:  1-apply body oil 2-take a bath 3-exfloliate entire body with scrub or loofah.  You may also purchase an oxygen cream or tan remover from the salon.