Before Tan Prep

How Does The Tan Work? Our product contains only the best DHA which is the natural active ingredient; it makes your skin develop the brown color.  It does not stain the skin with dye, it works with your own skin pigment (melanin) telling it to come out similar to the suns rays without the damage! Giving you the perfect natural shade.  One formula works for everyone.

Prepare Before Your Tan

Preparing before a spray tan is crucial. What you do can mean the difference between a good and a bad spray tan.


Exfoliate before you go for a spray tan.  The spray tanning solution affects only the dead skin cells. Your skin has a build up of dead skin cells on the surface. The thicker the layer, the sooner your tan will rub off. If you exfoliate, the layer will be very shallow, and it will take a while for it to “build up”, so your tan will last longer.  Purchase a scrub made for tanning, or you could be taking a risk.

Clean Skin is Vital

Oils, Moisturizers, Makeup, Deodorant, Perfume & Soap Can BLOCK your Tan.  Be sure to come with clean skin do not apply anything.  Also if your soap or scrub has any oil or moisturizer in it that you are unaware of, it will prevent you from tanning.  Some soaps or scrubs create an invisible barrier preventing you from tanning.  Purchase a scrub made for tanning, to be sure you don’t have this problem.

Prevention is Key

Please Note: Anything on the skin for example Deodorant,  Moisturizer, Makeup, Perfume, Soap/Scrub Residue & Heavy Sweat (afterwards) can block the tanning solution and will also sometimes create a reaction causing your color to look green.

Don’t panic, the color guide is a small amount of color added to the spray-on solution (which would be clear without it) to help guide the correct amount of product onto each area.  When you take your first shower it washes off the color guide (just like a cut open apple will turn brown when it oxidizes the color guide will turn green if it is left on too long or interacts with certain products because it oxidizes.)

The color you will end up with is your own natural skin pigment which will be stimulated by the active ingredient.

Wax / Shave

Wax or shave your legs before spray tan. Make sure that you wash your legs after waxing to remove any wax residue. If you shave or wax your legs after your spray on tan, you will take off some of your tan with the hair.

***These steps are quite necessary before your spray tan, unless you want to spend some time and money