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Best Professional Body Sugaring Novato & Marin County, Ca.


- Maintenance, pricing discounts apply to our most popular services. Must book in 4 weeks or less after last appointment.
- Shower, arrive freshly showered and exfoliated using our SugarLove scrubs designed to prep the skin for sugaring, do not apply lotion or oil. Oily soaps or oil scrubs will block the sugar and prevent it from sticking to your hair.
- First Time? You need at least 2 weeks of hair growth to get the desired removal results.
- Stop Shaving! It will take 3-4 appointments in a row to transition the hair fully from shaving to sugaring, hair growth will slow down on appointment 3-4, if the hair was shaved prior to the first appointment some rapid growth is possible within the first week. Do not trim or shave between appointments to avoid throwing your hair cycle off.



We exclusively sugar at our spa we believe it consistently produces better results. Sugaring leads to permanency or less hair quickly, reduces pain significantly, and causes much less damage/irritation to the skin. *If you have a citrus allergy or cannot use sugar, we can use hard wax. 

Eyebrow $40 Maintenance $35
Bikini $50 Maintenance $45
Extended Bikini $65 Maintenance $55
Brazilian $80 Maintenance $70
Men’s Brazilian $95 Men’s Maintenance $85
Full Tush + Between Cheeks $55 | Full Tush $45 | Half Tush $35
Full Stomach $55 | Belly Trail $22
Lip $22
Chin $22
Sideburns $22
Full Face $70
Nose or Ear $22
Neck $44
Underarm $35
Full Arm $65 | Half Arm $45
Full Leg $95 | Half Leg $55 | Quarter Leg $35
Toes $8
Chest $55
Shoulder $35
Full Back $85 | Half Back $55
Full Back, Neck + Shoulders $95