Bikini & Brazilian Wax Designs | Shapes Pics, Photos

Choose your fun bikini wax or brazilian waxing shape from the pics below.  If you have never had a brazilian or bikini wax you can easily pick your first shape/design from our pictures below:

Bikini Shapes:

The bikini includes everything that may show with a bathing suit or regular underwear, thong underwear require an extended bikini.

Square Bikini                 Triangle Bikini


Extended Bikini & Brazilian Shapes:

The extended bikini includes everything that may show with thong underwear leaving a smaller shape up top, with a brazilian wax all the hair from the lip area and booty will be waxed you will just have one of the shapes below left on top.

Mini Rectangle              Mini Triangle


Brazilian Shapes:

The brazilian includes all the hair from front to booty off, leaving only a shape in the front.  Please see the extended bikini shapes above for more options.

All Off                     The Runway          Float Rectangle             Float Triangle