Why Maintanence Body Sugaring? San Rafael Ca & Marin County Ca

(Instructions: you need to schedule in 3 weeks or less after your first appointment to receive the discount. Great Body Sugaring San Rafael, Ca & Marin County, Ca)

Why you should come back before 3 weeks is up.

1. Enjoy waxing prices on any sugaring hair removal service by returning before 3 weeks is up.  You must re-book at time of first service. Sugaring will remove hair at 1/16th of an inch, waxing must be 1/4th inch.
2. Your hair will stop growing if you stick with Anagen! Anagen Phase of Hair Growth:  This is the first and active growth cycle of a hair lasting 2-3 weeks. This is the very best time to remove hair when it is first starting to grow, it will hurt less because the roots are shallow and it will prevent the hair from developing a strong blood supply, no blood means permanent hair removal quickly!  In the early anagen cycle the hair follicle is also shallow in the skin.  If you wait to sugar the base or root of the follicle extends deeper into layers of skin, the hair increases in length and becomes coarser acquiring more blood supply to nourish it. This creates stronger follicles which means stronger hair growth that will keep coming back.